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Philbeck’s Tree Service Gastonia

Philbeck’s County Tree Service in Gastonia, NC provides customers with expert, high-quality, and the most competitive tree care services. Tree services are very important and here at County Tree Service, we recognize the significance of trees and their major contribution to our environment and overall quality of life.

Tree trimming is needed periodically on your trees for many reasons. We trim limbs back from your roof to keep rodents away or the limbs brushing your shingles. We trim limbs elevated for clearance of view and more sunlight on your lawn. We remove dead wood in your tree that’s needed or weak limbs, both posing hazards.

And lastly, thinning out the canopy of your tree makes it easier for the wind to blow through and less likely to blow over when strong storms come through Gaston County.

We are a locally owned and operated company serving Gastonia and surrounding areas with tree care needs. We are licensed and fully insured. With decades of combined experience, rest assured we have the knowledge and capability to handle all of your tree care needs.

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