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Fertilization: What you need to know

Have you ever felt like your lawn looked patchy and discolored while other landscapes look beautiful and green? Fertilization is your answer!

Fertilization is simply giving your plants, trees, lawn, and overall landscape the nutrients it needs to grow faster, stronger and healthier. Your landscape needs certain nutrients to grow. Most of those nutrients are already available in the soil and atmosphere but their concentration varies based on soil type and quality. If your soil lacks vital nutrients, any trees, shrubs, or plants you attempt to grow will typically not flourish. Trees, shrubs, and lawns that lack vital nutrients are also more susceptible to damage from insects, disease, drought, and environmental problems.

Three prime chemical elements found in most fertilizers:

1. Nitrogen- one of the most important elements as it stimulates the production of chlorophyll which is needed for photosynthesis.

2. Phosphorus- supports the vigorous development of stems, blossoms, and fruits. It also helps strengthen roots.

3. Potassium- helps plants and trees digest and manufacture foods.

How to fertilize:

Before you apply fertilizer, there are various factors you need to consider. You need to think about the type and quality of your soil, the plants you have, and the types of nutrients in the fertilizer you choose. County Tree Service offers fertilization services and we can assess your landscape to help you find the perfect fertilization plan.

Why plants need fertilization:

Not all plants are able to access the vital nutrients found in the soil. Activities like construction, intensive farming, and traffic can alter soil structure and chemistry, limiting the nutrients available for plants. In some cases, such nutrients aren’t even naturally there, to begin with. For these reasons, it is up to landscapers to replenish or replace those elements using fertilizers so that plants and trees get the nutrients they need.

Benefits of fertilization:

1. Plants and trees will be healthier and growth will be encouraged

Deep-root fertilization directly to tree roots can strengthen a tree’s whole root system, thus improving the entire tree and encouraging growth. Trees that receive regular applications of essential nutrients not only look better but also live longer.

2. Boost plant health

Fertilizers provide vital nutrients to your plants, making them stronger and more resistant to diseases. It is far less likely to find patches of dried grass or dead plants on a fertilized lawn.

3. Boost your property value

Landscaping is a huge part of your property. The quality of your landscaping matters as it is the first thing people notice about your property before they come into your home. A fertilized lawn or garden looks greener and healthier which boosts the overall value of your property!

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