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County Tree Service provides customers with expert, high quality, and the most competitive tree care services. Tree services are very important and here at County Tree Service, we recognize the significance of trees and their major contribution to our environment and overall quality of life.

The life cycle of a tree has multiple stages: seed (conception), sprout (birth), seedling (infancy), sapling (juvenile), mature (adult), decline (elderly), and snag or rotting log (death). The right amount of space, water, nutrients, and sunlight are crucial for the tree’s life cycle to run a full, healthy circle. These conditions overall improve growth rates and chances of survival.

Seasonal changes have a great effect on the life cycle of a tree, as the major part of the growth of the tree takes place in the late spring and early summer. Throughout their growing season, trees produce chlorophyll which gives the tree leaves their green color. Late spring and early summer is also the time when flowers become fruit and a full canopy of leaves are developed. New layers of wood also grow around the tree trunks, branches, and roots. These new layers are called growth rings. In the fall, the production of wood layers decreases and most trees disperse their fruit. The chlorophyll production also slows during the fall, allowing the leaves to change colors.

Every stage of a tree’s life is important, and every stage needs attention. County Tree Service wants to help keep your trees happy, healthy and beautiful. We want your trees to stay beautiful year-round and in each stage of their life cycle. Our tree services include tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, seeding, reseeding, and more. For more information about our services, view our website or call us today. County Tree Service looks forward to hearing from you and helping your trees stay healthy, strong, and beautiful!