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Embrace the Fall Beauty!

As the lush green of summer gradually transforms into the rich, fiery hues of autumn, many homeowners might be tempted to put away their gardening tools and enjoy the crisp air. However, the fall season offers a fantastic opportunity for lawn care that should not be overlooked. In this blog, we’ll explore why autumn is […]

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Bracing and Cabling- Getting Ready for Winter

  Depending on where you live, your storm season will determine when you should prepare your trees for Storm season. Here in NC, we have already started seeing the effects of damaging storms like Hurricane Ian on our trees.  Severe storms can roll into town with their vicious winds so every active step you take […]

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Weed Control

Why are weeds so bad for your lawn? Sure they are an eyesore but are they really that destructive for your grass? Maintaining a green, healthy lawn is hard enough without adding weeds into the mix. Most homeowners choose to maintain their lawn to improve curb appeal, entertain guests and have a space for children […]

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Healthy trees and plants

To keep healthy trees and plants, it is important to know what kind of soil you have. Soil types in the Charlotte area are clay, sand and silt. Clay is the predominant ingredient. It has nutrients and because it retains water, it holds the soil together. If the soil retains too much water, however, it […]

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County Tree Service – All About Trees

County Tree Service provides customers with expert, high quality, and the most competitive tree care services. Tree services are very important and here at County Tree Service, we recognize the significance of trees and their major contribution to our environment and overall quality of life. The life cycle of a tree has multiple stages: seed […]

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Fertilization: What you need to know

Have you ever felt like your lawn looked patchy and discolored while other landscapes look beautiful and green? Fertilization is your answer! Fertilization is simply giving your plants, trees, lawn, and overall landscape the nutrients it needs to grow faster, stronger and healthier. Your landscape needs certain nutrients to grow. Most of those nutrients are […]

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Benefits of Seeding and Re-Seeding

What is Seeding and Re-Seeding? Planting grass seed is the best way to start a new lawn and landscape for your home. Seeding is the process of beginning a new lawn with grass seeds. Re-seeding is the procedure of planting grass seed into your existing lawn. Re-seeding improves the overall health of your lawn, giving […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service

Q. Does your tree service include a complete cleanup? A. Yes. County Tree Service provides a complete turn key job. All debris is removed and tree stumps are ground. Your location is left in pristine condition. Q. Are you insured? A. County Tree Service is fully licensed and insured. Q. How are your fees structured? […]

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