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Benefits of Seeding and Re-Seeding

What is Seeding and Re-Seeding?
Planting grass seed is the best way to start a new lawn and landscape for your home. Seeding is the process of beginning a new lawn with grass seeds. Re-seeding is the procedure of planting grass seed into your existing lawn. Re-seeding improves the overall health of your lawn, giving it a thick and green lush look and eliminates the presence of weeds and bare areas that were once there.

Benefits of Seeding and Re-Seeding
It is very important to maintain the health and condition of your lawn, and this can be done with the use of seeding and re-seeding, allowing them to offer many benefits to your lawn and landscape. In order to keep a healthy landscape, one must also keep a healthy lawn. A lawn is one of the first things noticed about a property, and nothing brings a more beautiful, lush, green lawn to your outdoor space than grass seeding.

Why Lay Grass Seed?
There are many benefits that come with using the services of seeding and re-seeding on your lawn.
1. Grass seed will get rid of weeds- Over time your lawn can wear out, which can result in the presence of weeds. In re-seeding your lawn, you can return your lawn back to being lush and green.
2. Grass seed can repair bare spots- Many things can begin to wear down your lawn and create bare patches. Re-seeding your lawn can rebuild your grass to create a new beautiful lawn.
3. Grass seed can provide you with a “lawn do-over”- Sometimes a lawn can become damaged, dry, and bare that is beyond repair. Grass seeding can give your lawn a restart! Removing weeds, preparing and tilling your soil, and the proper seeding can fully repair your lawn.
4. Grass seed can fix your thin lawn- Have you ever found yourself thinking that your lawn looks too thin? Grass seeding can get your lawn back to the thick and lush grass that it once was.
5. Grass seed offers a wide variety- In using grass seed; you will have many options in choosing the grass that you want to grow in your landscape.

Nothing is better than the look and smell of a beautiful, green, and fresh lawn! If you want your lawn to be lush and green, contact County Tree Services. We have multiple generations of experience in lawn care, from seeding to success! Contact us today to schedule your seeding or re-seeding service.